The PETAL services provides access to a robotic tape archive for storing petabytes of research data. The service consists of a mixture of disk and tape, providing an active archive. This enables faster retrieval of more recently accessed data as well as the long-term archival storage of infrequently accessed data. The archive manager software coordinates the movement of data between two disk caches and the back-end tape library. Some of the features offered by the service are:

SpectraLogic T950 Tape Library
T950 Tape Library

  • Maximum on-line capacity 2.3PB
  • 200 tape slots
  • 4X IBM LTO-6 tape drives
  • Fibre channel inter-connect
  • Hardware based compression
  • Hardware based AES 256 encryption

Verde Disk

  • Enterprise quality SAS disk drives
  • Multiple levels of RAID redundancy
  • Self repairing

SpectraLogic NTier Verde

Archive Manager

  • Access via NFS, CIFS and SAMBA
  • Unix group level access
  • Disk cache for faster retrieval
  • Automated migration between disk and tape
  • Single or multiple copies of data
  • Offline data management

Tape Drives and Media

  • 2.5TB per tape (6.25TB compressed)
  • Transfer rates of up to 400MB/sec
  • 10 year roadmap for next generation tapes

Solid State Solutions

  • Hardware Support
  • Software Support

A More Efficient and Greener Solution: Tape’s energy efficient data storage is one of the highest on the market.Once data has been written to tape, tape uses exactly zero watts to preserve data for years. Disk instead, consumes about of 105 times as much energy as a tape library for the same  amount of disk space since they are always under power, consuming kilowatts of  electricity each  hour, even when data is not being accessed.
Reducing your Carbon Footprint