End User Agreement

I agree that my use of and access to the PETAL archive storage facility shall be in accordance with all of the following stipulations:

  1. Information Protection Policy:
  2. Policy on Safeguarding Data – Storage, Backup and Encryption:
  3. Access Control and Account Management Policy:
  4. Password Usage and Management Policy:
  5. Security Incident and Computer Misuse Policy:
  6. Use of Computer Systems Policy:
  7. I will not store on, or distribute from, the PETAL service any files that are copyrighted, except with the express permission of the copyright owner.
  8. If I am collaborating with colleagues who are at institutions outside of UoL, then I will take full responsibility for ensuring that those colleagues abide by all of the rules and regulations regarding the PETAL service.
  9. I understand that, if and when I cease to be employed by the UoL, then access to my files on the PETAL service will be available to those of my colleagues who are employed by UoL.
  10. I will take full responsibility for ensuring that my use of the PETAL service is in full compliance with the most current version of the UoL’s Acceptable Use Policy, currently accessible at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/