Living In A Digital World

How do you store the vast quantities of information.

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Increasing Data Growth

The exponential growth of digital data often makes storing such large amounts of information unmanageable. A solution is required that can scale through terabytes up to multiple petabytes of data.

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Ensuring Data Integrity

You need to be sure that the integrity of your data is maintained throughout its lifetime. Guaranteeing that it is always available when required.

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Implementing Data Security

Data is encrypted using the AES256 standard making it virtually undecipherable. You need to be confident that only the correct people will be able to read your data.

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Allowing Data Access
You need to be able to access your data from anywhere. Access controls are in place to ensure that only authorised people can gain access to your data.
Sharing Data Globally
Sharing data on a global scale is vital to the success of any business. The ability to quickly retrieve and access the data and make it available to your collaborators facilitates higher productivity.
Organising Data
Organising such large amounts of information can be a logistical nightmare. Knowing how to search and identify the location of a vital piece of information is needed before it can be retrieved.
Accessing Data Archives
Ensuring that you can find what you want immediately requires a catalogue of information to make retrieval easier. Organising the data in an inherently logical fashion for each group enables quicker identification of the required resources.
Accessing Your Data In The Future
You need to be sure that you will be able to access your data in the future and that there is a known upgrade path to migrate the data from one form of media to later high density generations of the media.
Computational Modelling
Many aspects of daily life are simulated to help future planning. E.g. weather. Analysis of these vast quantities of data requires that the entire dataset can be accessed to provide the best interpretation of the data.
Fundamental Scientific Research
Solving some of the fundamental problems in science requires the ability to process vast quantities of data, looking for patterns that may provide insight into the problem.
HPC Computing
PETAL - PetaByte Environmental Tape Archive and Library
The solution for storing and accessing petabytes of research data.